Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gold , Euro , Yen , Silver & USDX Charts

Gold and silver moved downwards while precious metals stocks moved higher. This is the Great Global Gold & Silver Bull Market and the metals will move higher in each and every national currency. Both gold and silver are accelerating and the volatility can get much higher. When to buy / sell or just hold is highly dependent on who you are and what your style is. I'm just holding and buying the deeps, ~100$ sell off is deep enough for me. The Gold Silver ratio (XAU / XAG) = ~51.44, Dow / Gold = ~17.39, Gold / Crude Oil = ~9.02.

Gold and Silver Mining Stocks

Commodities Charts

Elliott Wave Tutorial

Here are some charts of Gold in Euro, Yen, US Dollar Index & Silver.

Spot Gold USD

XAUJPY, Spot Gold Yen

XAUEUR, Spot Gold Euro

XAGUSD, Spot Silver daily chart

XAGUSD, Spot Gold Intraday

US Dollar Index, USDX

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Sergio Cámara said...

Next step for gold is the 615 level. There is no positive action in the chart, so is probably for me we reach that level in the next days.

In case that level is broken, with i don´t think is going to past in the first attempt, the next move will take it to the 585 level. That is a level to buy gold, without any fear, because a big up trend will be starting again.

Until, we don´t see moves up the 675 level, i will remain bearish in a short term basis.

"The market is the only that is always right"



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