Monday, June 19, 2006

Silver(XAG) Chart

Silver like gold presents rare buying opportunity. Silver lost 37.67%(15.21- 9.48)with the recent sell off and touched its 200 DMA (daily moving average). Both RSI and PPO are in low level not seen since Q2-2004. The downside for silver is very limited while the upside potential is HUGE. In my opinion the best exposure to the price of silver is physical silver and the SLV ETF.

Gold vs. Gold Stocks, GOLD/XAU Ratio

Silver(XAG) Chart


bubble_watcher said...

No clear impulse wave off the lows yet, so I'm still on the sidelines (for now). Long term, I agree. We are looking at a massive bull market for gold and silver. Can you imagine what the prices will be when the gold/silver ratio reverts back to the old monetary ratio of 16 to 1?



bubble_watcher said...

This is interesting..




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