Wednesday, April 19, 2006

XAU & XAG Aiming For New Highs (Charts)

The Gold Silver ratio (XAU / XAG) = ~ 43.67, Dow Jones Gold ratio ( Dow / Gold = ~ 17.61, Gold / Crude Oil ( CLK6 , Crude Oil, Light Sweet, May 2006 ) = ~8.88.
At this stage of the game the long term charts are very important, the short term charts are applied with much more context this way. Gold is accelerating in price, silver is sky rocketing. Investment (in reality mostly savings) capital is flowing into this relatively small financial sector, price multiplication is rational possibility.

Gold long term log chart
long term gold log chart

Silver long term log chart
long term silver log chart

XAU intraday chart.
XAU intraday 1/2 Hour chart.

XAG chart.
XAG intraday 1/2 Hour chart

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BlueDaze said...

Frankly, I was doubtful about the actual value of the Dow / Gold ratio.

But the chart at this link has started to re-shape my thinking.

Deeply appreciate your regular gold articles. Great insights, and an excellent knowledge-resource.



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