Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gold & Silver Open Interest Summery+ XAU & XAG Charts

Here is Gold and Silver open interest Summery table which aggregate the data of the COMEX (NYMEX), CBOT & TOCOM Exchanges.

gold and silver open interest chart

Those are not charts of some hot stocks but charts of natural resources, rare minerals which experienced 20 years bear market , The Third Elliot wave is far from over and can easily exceed the old highs for silver and gold , this markets are relatively small when compared to the other financial markets.

Gol spot candle chart

This is not the gold and silver bull market of the 1970's. The Information technology have changed the way markets works, today's market are almost completely computerized. Markets information is much more available to investors all over the world.

The 1980 highs are getting more and more relevant for gold.

Gold chart 1980

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