Friday, June 29, 2007

Today commentary

It might be the case that criminal acts, corruption and the highest level of abusive acts against people's freedoms are taking place. Authorities all over the world have pushed themselves into the darkest corners. Top academics and high rank officials are refusing to admit their own mistakes which are based on false economic theories. One should be careful and consider all options. Disinformation is running at extremely high level but the trend is changing with the expansion of the internet and generosity of moral people.

In regard to gold, silver, forex, stocks or any other market - you should spend your time better by learning the charts, particularly the long term charts. Charts are the most efficient and concentrated data you can find. Learning charts is not an easy task and the short term charts are vulnerable to abusive manipulative acts, paint the charts they call it. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals, learn history; concentrate on numerical facts not opinions. It is best when the technicals and fundamentals point in the same direction.

Good Luck, for peace, freedom and prosperity…

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tiasmith123 said...

The facts that you have put forward are effective and can help a person to great extent.
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