Friday, June 15, 2007

Switzerland gold sell ?!

The sell if they will isn't as meaningful as the reporter wants you to believe. Consider that the outstanding notional amount of gold over the counter derivatives is 463 billion USD , reported by the BIS December 2006.

Switzerland's central bank is to sell a further 250 tonnes of gold, dashing hopes for a revival in depressed bullion prices after months of heavy selling by Spain and Belgium.

The Swiss National Bank is world's fourth biggest holder of gold after the European Central Bank system, the United States, and the IMF. Most analysts thought it had stopped selling its horde after a 1,300 tonne "purge" between 2000 and 2004,

The SNB said yesterday it would feed a fifth of its remaining gold onto the market gradually between now and September 2009 as part of a rejigging strategy for its reserves.


COMEX gold contract for December 2009 is currently priced at about 750$

2009 comex gold chart

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