Friday, June 29, 2007


If enough cash based buying enters the physical silver market then regardless of the silver market fundamentals (which are supportive) the price will quickly rally. The move should be similar to the second half 2005<> first half 2006 in which silver climbed about 130% in 8 month. 12.30$ today is like 6.70$ in 2005 so the target is about 27.80$ which is between the short and long 261.8 Fibonacci levels.

Spot Silver {XAGUSD} Weekly Log Chart

silver chart


wheatgerm said...

I have always thought about investing in silver

Anonymous said...

i just found this page through google, good to know someone is supporting my idea of buying silver right now. I even DOUBLED my buying @ 1.4xxx for the certainty in a bullish market, though this is my FIRST trade EVER, i am new to forex, but like a clever student, i've done my home work in searching, reading and training before joining the club. Mind if you tell me what is your experience in forex and how many years have you been trading?

finally, how sure are you in such analysis?

Danny Merkel said...

Hi Troy,

I just stumbled across your blog by chance, and I think you have some really good content.

I have a blog myself, and some of the stuff I write overlaps what you have written.

I was wondering if you wanted to crosslink our blogs so that we can each get more traffic. Email me at if you are interested.

troy said...

My experience with Investing / trading goes back to 1990. I have traded all kinds of instruments. I trade forex for about 4 years. How sure I am about silver ? – hard to tell but I have some Mid and long term position in it., read the disclaimer at the bottom and good luck to you.

troy said...

For all gold and silver Investors: be patient but not greedy and u will be rewarded. That’s all I can say right now.

Danny, Thank you, I like your blog and you get link of honor in the Gold and Silver blogs section.

JJ2000426 said...

Absolutely agree on Silver. But I think palladium could be even more bullish.

The prediction of SWC looks pretty impressive. Double in 30 days:

Don't you think it is time for next rally. Do you have any idea what is palladium?

You can reasonably expect a 2000% return. No kidding it is next AAPL! The fundamental is incredibly good. Just research palladium.

troy said...

demagh said...

Hey Troy, I am the anonymous guy from before.

don't worry i read the disclaimer already in like 500 sites talking about forex .. i just never seen some source assuming with this confidence of yours this huge raise in any instrument before "in my readings that is, as my experience is null", no offense though, i see it is reasonable but takes a lot of courage to state it the way you did.

Anyway thanks for the info and keep them coming ..



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