Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gold Spot & Futures Charts

The USD Index hovers near decades lows, the EUR/USD pair kissed its all time high (~136.667) currently floating less then a cent below. The jury is still out as things can abruptly change on a penny or less…

So far June COMEX gold contract failed to exceed its late February high (~699$) while spot gold managed to trade above the same cyclical high. The contango is taking its toll.

XAUUSD Intraday Chart (4 hours candles). Annotated with Fibonacci levels and Elliott wave count ( wave 4 underway). As posted before; ~667$ spot remains target before heading higher.

XAUUSD Intraday

GCM7 - COMEX Gold June contract daily chart. Annotated with Fibonacci levels and Elliott wave count (wave iii blue underway). Note support at ~672$, just below the 50% Fibonacci line.

COMEX gold

  • As explained before, take any of my posts in the right time frame context.
  • I observe and estimate that the price of gold is constructing an Egg pattern which requires extremely high degree of patience.


Anonymous said...


Nice charts ...

troy said...

Thanks you! , check back often as more charts will follow …



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