Wednesday, February 01, 2006

XAU – Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index

Not Much change in the gold market today, silver pulled back some but not too much.

CBOT Expands Precious Metals Complex and Launches 100 Ounce Gold Futures Options read more

Expect more of the same for the foreseeable future. New exchanges for gold and commodities will open all over the world as the sector will be more and more interesting for Investors. Long way to go...

Gold Indices have done great the last couple of month as Investors like stocks better then futures or physical stuff. I expect that to change over time and will not rule out the possibility that gold will outperform most of the gold stocks or at least the gold Indices; likewise I am not sure at all that silver will outperform gold.
In my opinion all gold and silver "Investors" should have some physical metal at hand – especially small investors.

More later – real1.

My last review of the XAU Index:
Gold global perspective: The gold stock indices

XAU – Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index

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