Saturday, March 31, 2007


Gold Nanoparticles May Simplify Cancer Detection

Gold nanoparticles stick to cancer cells and make them shine.

Gold Nanoparticles


Gold Nanoparticles Show Anti-cancer Potential

Spots of blue indicate where the cancer cells have been killed by a laser. Using gold nanoparticles to indentify malignant cells weakens them, reducing the amount of laser power needed to kill them and allowing healthy cells to get by unscathed.


Gold nanoparticles to trap toxins

Tiny particles of gold could soon be helping to spot viruses, bacteria and toxins used by bio-terrorists.


Research to combat biological warfare

"The technique is based on the coating of metal nanoparticles with different sugars that recognise particular biological substances. The substance binds to the sugar, which causes a solution containing the nanoparticles to change colour (e.g. gold particles turn from red to blue), revealing the presence of the substance."


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