Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Silver and gold

Yet another new multi years high for silver, gold is still lagging behind, trading around the 550$ level. Gold and silver mining stocks continue to disappoint investors. As I previously posted a several times: Investors preferences are changing and the metals could and should outperform most of the mining stocks. This great global gold & silver bull market is different from the 1970 – 1980 bull market for many good reasons. Investments and trading strategies that worked back then might not work at present. I continue to believe that most Investors should continue to buy and hold physical gold and silver. I'm holding the opinion that investors should allocate a much larger part (then most "experts" advice) of their saving portfolio to physical gold and silver. It is my opinion that gold and silver should account for not less then 25% of one savings. In the future I will write more about Investments strategies and tactics for this great global gold and silver bull market.

Click on the charts below to enlarge:

Spot silver chart

Spot gold chart

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