Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Great Gold Paradox (Part 3)


The Bond market is sending signals, reflecting a good chance for economic slowdown and lower Interest rates ahead. While some say gold reflecting higher inflation expectations. Forex traders are just trading this way today and that way tomorrow - You win some you lose some. Central banks however are walking on a thin line like a bunch of jugglers, very cautious not to hurt the fragile system. On one side they see Inflation fears and the slow but constant erosion of paper monies. On the other side they see the fear of deflation and the huge amount of debts all over the world especially in the developed world.

The system as it is today seems to work perfectly well but you cant ignore the huge imbalances between the east and west , the rich and the poor … under the hood it feels like all is done to keep the price of gold from going higher too fast, why is that ? could it be that gold is not important to the monetary system only if its price stay under a certain level ? What is the logic of fighting the forex of nature?

It remains a great paradox, If you ask me, central bankers are actually playing the biggest Poker game in the world, the managed Forex Casino.

The great Gold Paradox (Parts I + II)

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Trip Ideas said...

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