Friday, December 30, 2005

Gold 2005 Summery

Good year for Gold, Silver, Metals and most of the Commodity sector. Nice gains for the companies who dig for all the stuff we need. The global population is growing and developing countries need more basic materials to produce a higher standard of living.
Don’t forget the commodities are just climbing out of a 20 years devastating bear market hole.

I Don’t have any prediction for the paper Forex market – which is very unpredictable and highly managed. I don’t see a better paper currency then the US dollar. The USA is still the strongest country and the very important reason - the Fed is still the biggest gold holder(?).

Gold and silver - the monetary commodities did not gain as much as other commodities this year, but that could change next year - for the fact they have the monetary ingredient.
Over all I expect gold and silver to really outperform other sectors in 2006, we could easily see a 50% gain in the price of gold and the price of silver the next 12 months.

gold chart


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Dollar_Daze said...

I'm not sure if I agree that the USD is the strongest currency out there. Although, I think they all share int he fact that they aren't backed up by anything other than gov't promises.

As far as I know the US is still the largest holder of gold. I believe that shortly after WWII they held over 65% of the total world's gold reserve.

They lost much of it before Nixon closed the gold window to prevent foreigners from demanding gold in return for the USD they held.

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