Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GCQ7 Update

Dear readers,

This will probably be the last GCQ7 chart as gold futures contracts are rolled into December and October (GCV7, GCZ7).

Hype is all over the place so sentiment indicator probably supports the case for some correction here, As previously mentioned USD is trying to bounce.

August Gold - GCQ7 Intraday (120 min) Chart

August Gold


JJ2000426 said...

SWC down another 8.25% today. In the past three days it dropped a total of 20%. SWC is the only palladium and platinum producer in the US. Palladium and platinum are very important precious metals that see price trippled in the past three years. This is a stock with extremely bullish fundamentals and this may well be the CAPITULATION event where you get an excellent entry point. See my analysis of the SWC fundamentals.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me JJ? Their quarterlies are for $hit!

I love the PM's but get your head out of the sand you big freak. You pump SWC on every board from Yahoo to Stockhouse to every other Private Blog etc (this one too!) -- I am surprised the moderator of this one not only supports but condones this rubbish.

Do yourself a favour -- pick up some gold miners and stop with the violins and sorrow songs viz SWC.

Sink or swim.

JJ2000426 said...

SWC announced quarterly mine production already but NOT the quarterly earnings yet. If you study the numbers they recyled way much more metal than Q1, and the metal price in Q2 are way higher than Q1. So I expect a very good earnings despite of some slight drop in mine production. My estimate is 26.5 cents per share. Go read it and decide by youself

The huge drop in recent days has NOTHING to do with the perceived bad news. I show you evidence there is a big concentrated short who could not unwind its short position. They are wrack havoc trying to trigger a panic sell. But NASDAQ statistics show institions actually loaded up 1.4M more shares just in recent two weeks. So the shorts are getting desperate and trying very harm to hammer SWC down. It's true. I discussed it on my web. Read and decide by yourself.

This is an extremely rate opportunity, one to make big money. I am telling you study all the facts yourself and do NOT miss the opportunity. Unfortunately due to general market plummet today shorts have an upper hand. But they still can NOT unwind, they piled on more shorts. They will panic before the good earnings in a few days.

Am I a pumper? Or did I come here to tell you some facts which may help you make big money? You need to study the materials yourself and decide by yourself. Just do your DD, and do NOT miss it!



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