Wednesday, May 30, 2007

XAUUSD Waves Update

Dear readers,

Gold have probably bottomed and in time will be headed higher to challenge recent highs at 700 U$D / 520 € / 83,000 ¥. Silver confirms this assumption and the silver /gold ratio shows relative strength.

Elliott Waves Cyclical view: The advance from the recent low consist of multiple sequences of intraday impulsive 5 waves patterns (visible on minutes charts). Despite the recent failed (v)[green] wave within the last (i) [blue] wave, the previous bullish Elliott wave count remains intact .

The count on the chart below is consisted of multiple first and second waves which are typical for extended third of the third waves. If the count is valid then the lion part of the advance is yet to be seen. I see no reason to mention upside target for now, as, the 700 $ level along the Euro and Yen targets need to be challenged first.

Again, Forex and Metals traders should note the possibility that gold and silver can go up along a rising USD index. (See chart here)

Strategy: buy pullbacks as long as spot silver above 12.37$ and gold spot above 632$.

XAUUSD (spot gold) daily chart


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