Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dow/Gold , Gold/Oil Ratios – Update

1) The Dow Jones Industrial Average made a new all times closing high of 11,727.

2) Gold is sharply lower. Cbot gold trading had another serious malfunction today (not the first one this year…), AMEX GOLD BUGS INDEX is down 6.67% for the day.

3) The Dow / Gold ratio is nearing completion of an A-B-C correction wave – in my opinion.

4) The Gold/Oil ratio closed above its 200 weekly moving average for the first time since early 2004.

for more information and charts of gold ratios, See this post : The importance of the Dow Jones / Gold, Gold / Oil & Gold / Silver ratios.

See also HUI/Gold ratio.

Dow/Gold ratio chart

Gold/Oil ratio chart

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